Hard Drive Destruction

Safe Guard Internal Archives, Medical Information, and Banking Records.

Secure Certified Data Destruction Services

Erasing data from a hard drive does not guarantee the information is safe from thieves. It can still be obtained by someone who is proficient in information retrieval, and can lead to a major security breach. The only way to ensure your sensitive information won’t be accessed once the hard drive leaves your premises is to use our secure hard drive destruction service.

Hard Drive Destruction Services in Southern Oregon & Northern California

Why Choose Us?

Two service options are available and costs vary based on service type:

  • On-Site, NAID “AAA Certified” service available whereby the Customer can witness the destruction process.

  • Off-Site service available—a transfer of custody document is provided and the destruction is completed at our secure facility in Grants Pass OR.

  • Hard drive serial numbers are scanned prior to destruction.

  • certificate of destruction and a copy of the serial number report is provided to Customer.

“We have used iSecure for over 10 years. Rates are decent and the team is very friendly!”

Judy J.

“The iSecure team has always been helpful and professional, we appreciate them very much!”

Cascade Community Credit Union
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